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Colt services

Network Services

From business grade internet access to complex web site hosting and management – get the depth of solutions and flexibility you need to turn the internet into a successful business tool:

  • Ethernet

    Over the last decade and a half, Colt has been pioneering the use of Ethernet technology for the WAN. Ethernet Private Network enables you to avoid technological conflicts and expensive downtime whilst you benefit from a fast, scalable and robust network.

  • IP VPN

    VPN connectivity allows the flexible integration of all your agents across multiple sites, they enjoy full access to your business applications. Colt IPVPN gives you a standard-based MPLS service that includes options such as 5 levels of Class of Service and the ability to open up remote and mobile access for all your employees in a secure and reliable way.

  • IP Access

    IP Access has been created to enable your organisation to make the most of the internet: from employees sharing information internally, running applications that interface with customers in real time, or enabling e-commerce to be carried out quickly and securely.

Voice Services

Wherever you are in Europe, whatever telephony system you use, benefit from a simple and reliable solution to talk to each other using our seamless network:

  • VoIP Access

    All the benefits of traditional telephony delivered over an IP connection.

  • Voice Connect

    For smaller sites, we will carry your calls using carrier pre-selection (CPS) or carrier selection (call-by-call).

  • Voice Line

    For sites generating large amounts of telephony traffic, we offer a direct connection to the voice network.

Data Centre Services

Store, protect and access critical data or equipment simply and cost-effectively at one of our secure carrier-neutral data centres:

  • Colocation

    Colocation with Colt gives you all the benefits of an award winning dedicated data centre as a service.

Franchisee services

Unified Communications & Mobility

Franchisees reselling Unified Communication & Mobility solutions are offering services such as:

    • Mobile
    • Video Conferencing
    • Fixed Mobile Unification
    • Desktop Sharing Applications

Managed Network & Security Solutions

Franchisees reselling Managed Network & Security solutions are offering services such as: 

    • NOC Management
    • IP Routing
    • Firewalling solutions
    • Network Security

Hardware, Hosting & Software Integration

Franchisees reselling Hardware, Hosting, & Software Integration are offering services such as:

    • Hardware & Peripheral
    • Servers
    • Hosting
    • Managed IT Services
    • Software integration
    • ERP-CRM-EPM Solutions

PBX-Material & LAN Integration

Franchisees reselling PBX-Material & LAN Integration solutions are offering services such as:

    • PBX-Centrex
    • Telephony material
    • LAN
    • WiFi antennas

Consultancy & Professional Services

Franchisees reselling Consultancy & Professional Services are offering solutions such as:

    • Solution Architects
    • Telco-IT Consulting
    • RFP & Bid management
    • Consultancy-Planning & Implementation

Digital Expertise & Web Development

Digital Expertise & Web Development:

    • Website development & publishing
    • Digital Strategy consultancy
    • CMS management